“I struggled with my weight gain for years after college. I was an absolute gym rat. In the gym 5 to 6 days a week for hours at a time. Just never could seem to get the weight to fall off. I had just accepted the fact that my body was changing and I was going to be a heavy person for the rest of my life. But then I met David with Loman Health and he changed not only my body but my mindset for the better with his approach to weight loss. He listened to what I wanted my body to look like then formulated a plan to get me there. Helped me understand the value of nutrition and just how important it was to my success of achieving the results I was looking for. After following the very easy and detailed plan that David laid out for me I lost 40 lbs in 6 months. I will be forever grateful for what David has helped me accomplish and would recommend him and his plans to anyone who is serious about getting the body they have always desired.” ¬†Josh Stegall

“I decided to sit down with David & talk through my nutrition. He radically changed my mindset on eating & helped me make some minor tweaks to my diet & ever since then I’ve added conservatively 20lbs of lean muscle! In addition, he’s helped my wife adjust some things & we both look the best we’ve ever looked & people now come up to us in the gym asking for advice! He’s always been there to answer questions & even if he didn’t know the answer right away he’d go looking for the answer & get back to me. You won’t find a better value out there. My wife & I are grateful for the help he’s given us along the way!” Jordan Pressley