Healthy Snacks

Young athletes and working-class Americans tend to struggle eating enough whole food meals throughout the day. Eating small snacks throughout the day helps bridge this gap! Here’s a quick list of snacks I like to eat and recommend to my clients:

  1. Beef & Turkey Jerky – Whole Foods sells grass-fed jerky for cheaper than any of the popular brands
  2. Turkey Pepperoni – Applegate Naturals sells a very clean version of this snack at the grocery store and it’s one of my all time favorites for a high protein snack when you’re in a rush or going on a hike!
  3. Mixed Nuts & Nut Butters – High in healthy fats, high in protein and an excellent source of protein! I like Justin’s Brand because you can buy the nut butters in these super convenient packets for those always on the go!
  4. Fresh Organic Fruit – As I mentioned in my previous post on grocery shopping, I love organic fuji apples for snacks throughout the week. Whatever fruit you like, if it’s fresh make sure to buy organic or from a local farmer’s market.
  5. Fresh Organic Greens – Whether you like juices or just like a side salad, leafy and cruciferous greens are an excellent afternoon snack to hold you over. I usually add coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to mine with some himalayan pink sea salt and cracked pepper. If you prepared in advance, you can eat a small chicken breast or piece of fish with it.
  6. Protein Bars – These are great for any occasion, just be sure to look at the label before purchasing. There are a lot of protein bars on the market that function as candy bars. Top Brands I recommend: BodyKey, XS Sports Nutrition, RX Bars, QuestBars, and Primal Kitchen. The last 3 are sold at grocery stores, the first two brands I personally represent because they are gluten-free, free of any artificial ingredients or food coloring, high in protein and fiber and low in sugar.

Word of Caution: Check the label before buying anything for the first time! I’ll write another article on reading and interpreting food labels. Shockingly, only 24% of Americans look at food labels and of those 24% even fewer know how to properly interpret the ingredients. I write these articles to help lessen the learning curve for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that you become more educated and more independent so that you feel confident making healthy decisions on your own!